01About us

Let's make the theatre industry better

Developed with the host and tour cast and creatives in mind to aim to give digs maximum exposure for the lowest cost.

  • No per booking fee

    Instead of paying a fee for every booking that you accept, we charge you a monthly fee of £15 per dig. You pay less overall.

  • The whole show

    By giving your guests powerful smart tools, their whole tour will be on their booking.

  • We send them more

    Before they arrive with you, we send them recommended local amenities and services such as restaurants, gyms, florists, shoe repairs and more.

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02How it works

Simple management process

List your Dig

Add your dig’s details, some photos, house rules and how to get there.

Choose your availability and accept

Fill out your availability calendar and your digs will be searchable. Sit back and wait for the booking enquiries and accept who you want.

Review your guests

After they've stayed, both you and your guests can review the experience.


Monthly plan for less than a West End show ticket

To offer the guest a fair price and to tackle inflation, we've decided to only charge a flat rate per dig. No credits. No per booking fee.

What's even better, it's free until the end of the year.


A month

We are offering the dig price for free until the end of 2023. After which it will be £15 a month per dig.

04Host Comparison Calculator

See the difference in cost

* this is the % fee other sites charge you as the host. Please note: some sites charge guests an additional service fee.

More than DigsOther
Booking Value££
Monthly Subscription£15£-
Host Booking Fee / Commission£-£
Host's Total Income for Booking££
You Save / (Additional Cost) PER MONTH!£
05Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

  • Do you offer insurance for hosts?

    At the moment we do not offer any insurance packages for hosts. We will be reviewing this in the near future.

  • Do you screen guests?

    We do not screen guests manually but we have a community system where by both guests and hosts can comment and rate each other to ensure that any issues are highlighted to the community.

  • How should I price my listing?

    What you charge is always up to you and as we grow stronger we can offer more information about various areas and their demand. At the moment we suggest using a similar pricing to other comparable listings in your area.

  • How do I get paid by my guests?

    Once you accept a booking, you liaise with the guest directly to arrange deposits and balances. This keeps the cost down for hosts and their guests. We will be reviewing this in the near future.